About Legal Surveys in Saskatchewan

As with all Canadian provinces, only a registered Saskatchewan Land Surveyor (S.L.S) can perform legal surveys in Saskatchewan. For instance, if you need a legal survey done in Alberta or Manitoba, you will have to contact an Alberta Land Surveyor (A.L.S) or a Manitoba Land Surveyor (M.L.S.), or if you need a legal survey done in a national park, a First Nation reserve, or the Canadian territories, you will need to contact a Canadian Land Surveyor (C.L.S.).


What We do

As a registered Saskatchewan Land Surveying firm we are authorized to perform legal surveys in the Province of Saskatchewan and offer the following legal services:

  • Residential, Rural, and Commercial Subdivisions
  • Oil, Gas and Energy Surveys
  • Right of Way Surveys for Utilities and Pipelines
  • Real Property Reports
  • Basement Staking
  • Property Line Staking
  • Lot Surveys
  • Road Surveys — Municipal and Highway


Contact us

Give us a call to get a free quote for your survey and find out when one of our crews can come out to your area. Also, if there’s a service you’re wondering about that isn’t listed above, we’re always happy to help you out.