Milltek Surveys was founded serving clients involved with Multi-discipline Engineered Projects that require the skills of a construction surveyor to help bring their engineered designs to life.  Over the years Milltek has earned a reputation for delivering quality service and outstanding workmanship. Our motto “Right to the Mill” (short for millimeter hence Mill-tek) is what we strive for in all projects that demand precision and accuracy.


What we do

If you need a surveyor on site, Milltek will accommodate and provide solutions to your problems – providing services across Western Canada:

  • Pile Layouts — specifically Pile pinning, Pile cut offs, and Pile capping
  • Underground Facility Locating
  • Utility Mapping and Data Management
  • Preliminary and Post Construction As-Builts
  • Concrete Buildings and Foundations — in particular, Anchor Bolts, Column Erecting, Pedestals, and Engineered Layouts
  • Civil and Earth Works such as the Construction of Roads, Bridges, and Pads
  • Volume Surveys
  • Grade Staking
  • Equipment Installation Surveys for Mods, Buildings, Tanks, Vessels, Pumps, and Towers
  • Pipeline Surveys for Above and Below Ground Pipelines, Pipeline Integrity, and Weld Mapping
  • Topographic Surveys


Contact Us

Give us a call to get a free quote for your project and find out when one of our crews can come out to your job site. Also, if there’s a service you’re wondering about that isn’t listed above, we’re always happy to help you out.